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Updated: Jul 6

I just posted a blog article about why I believe quality dog breeders are part of the solution. Now I am going to share my vision for a new breed I plan to develop.

I want to standardize the Pitsky, but rebrand it as a Fantasy Wolf.

While I don't have any experience breeding dogs, my motivation comes from my experience as a dog trainer. I see so many poorly bred dogs and it feels like I'm fighting a forest fire with a bucket because training these dogs after they are fully grown is sometimes very discouraging. I see lots of anxiety and aggression, because people don't know how to socialize their puppy who is already predisposed to dysfunctional behavior because of their poor breeding and early weeks of being poorly handled and socialization in their own litter. A well behaved dog is the result of thoughtful planning from before conception and every stage of development is critical to do properly. I want to do something to help stop the flood of poorly bred dogs into the market.

Another factor that comes into play is that my ideal dog doesn't exist, so I want to create a new breed. Recently I adopted a beautiful black, blue eyed wolf-like husky and his rare beauty inspired my obsession with black, blue eyed dogs.

One of my favorite breeds for appearance is the Siberian Husky. They have many ancient genes in common with the wolf, they are intelligent, graceful, athletic, & powerful creatures. But poor breeding goals of unethical breeders have focused on appearance to the detriment of temperament. The vast majority of them are known for being extremely demanding, determined escape artists, and difficult to train.

Siberian Huskies are the only breed that carries a mutation for blue eyes that do not have any health risks associated with it, unlike the gene that causes blue eyes in these dogs with mearl coloring. This gene developed independently of any of these other blue eyed genes, so that's one reason I wanted to start with a Siberian Husky for the blue eyes.

The American Bully is a recently formed companion dog breed, originally recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club. It has been recognized by the United Kennel Club since July 15, 2013. These were bred from dogs that were never used for fighting, but always selectively bred to have the best temperaments as a companion breed. In addition to being muscular, they were bred to be affectionate, loyal, and eager to please.

The temperament of an American Bully are exactly the traits that would improve a Siberian Husky in my opinion. I love the thick muscular neck, chest, shoulders, and haunches of an Extra Large American Bully, but I'm not a big fan of their blocky head, jowls, wide mouths, and ears that look best when they are cropped. I think the appearance would be improved with a longer snout (in between a Bully snout and a Siberian snout), the upright prick ears of a Siberian Husky. Also, Bully's would benefit from a thicker coat so they can tolerate the cold better.

Pitskies are a cross breed that has had no standardization at all. There are tons of variations in coloring, temperament, and structure. Recently the Pomsky (Pomeranian/Husky) has been starting to become standardized as breeders are pursuing recognition as true cross-breed. To develop an independent new breed can take up to 50 years and at least 3 breed contributions. I want to develop a dog that looks a little like this... a muscular black wolf-like dog with blue eyes. Just like some breeds have a long-coat and a short-coat version, I would want to develop both. A double coated version for the cold climates and a thin coated one for mild climates. I would also consider some markings that make the dog look more like a grey wolf or some unique markings that some of the Exotic Bullies are coming out with, but the temperament of the breeds stock will be more important than looks. I want an athletic dog who loves to run and play but rests patiently when they aren't active. The neutral expression should be peaceful, content, and serene, not goofy, mischievous, anxious, bored, or sad.

The most important defining characteristics will be the snout length, which will be about 3 - 4 inches) right in between an American Bully snout (typically 2 - 4 inches) and a Siberian Husky snout (4 - 6 inches), ears that are close together and high on the head, smaller and always upright, less like a German Shepherd and more like a Pomeranian in proportion. Large expressive eyes that reflect empathy and intelligence, large blocky head (in between a Siberian and a Bully), with more refined chiseling of the fore face causes the muzzle to curve gently upwards or be somewhat concave ending on a level with the nostrils, giving the dog a slightly dish-faced appearance.

I want them to have an extremely athletic, muscular build. This black XL Pitbull is perfectly proportioned and elegant, a rare form for this breed.

The focus of the American Bullies has been to create obscenely short, stocky dogs with massive mouths. I do not like how they look, but their genetics would help bulk up my pitsky bloodline. When this amount of muscle mass is spread out over a proportionate skeletal structure, it would be very visually appealing, like a panther, or a horse.

This black pitbull is absolutely stunning, already with a nose on the longer side, minimized jowls, nice expressive eyes, and medium muscle mass.

Black Siberian Huskies with blue eyes are so rare this was the only picture I could find. And I couldn't find any information on the breeder.

I did find the breeder of this beauty. Not solid black, but black guard hairs with a cream undercoat.

A third breed I may mix in at some point is the black long-haired German Shepherd, because of their coat growth pattern with a mane, silkier texture and true deep black color. The bully genes would help shorten their longer noses and create a nice chiseling in the forehead/brow bones.

I am curious what kind of demand there would be for this new breed. I would love feedback from any Pitsky lovers, as they are most likely to think this would be an attractive breed.



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